Go for fascinating Kerkini!

Photographing dalmatian pelicans in Kerkini Lake / photo Haris Kourouzidis

Birdwatching, boat trip and picnic in a impressive landscape


Situated a mere 120 klm away from Thessaloniki, Kerkini Lake with it’s fascinating landscape, has become one of the most beloved birding and naturalist destinations in Europe, with a year-round interest for rare species peaking of course in spring.

The riparian forest of Strymonas river estuary, hosts one of the largest mixed heron colonies in Greece with Great White and Little Egrets, Night, Squaco and Grey Herons, Cormorants and Pygmy Cormorants, Glossy Ibises and Spoonbills. Furthermore the Lake hosts a large Dalmatian Pelican colony and a growing White Pelican colony.

During winter, and starting as early as mid October, the lake is a regular stop-over site for Lesser White-fronted geese, Spotted Eagles and White-tailed Sea Eagles, as well as thousands of Pochards, Dalmatian Pelicans and Pygmy cormorants.

But the area is much more than a wetland! In the surrounding farmland and foothills, during spring there are four species of Shrikes, Bee-eaters, Rollers, Rose-coloured Starlings, Lesser Spotted Eagles, Black Storks, Golden Eagle, Levant Sparrowhawk, Black kite and Bonelli’s Eagle.

  • Transportation to and from the wetland
  • Boat trip (app. 2 hours)
  • English speaking bird guiding and use of telescope
  • Light picnic on the spot

Take with you a hat, sunscreen and preferably also insect repellent.

  • Send us your bird wish list and we will adapt our itinerary to best suit your needs.
  • The area offers excellent photo opportunities for various species

7:30 Departure from Thessaloniki

9:00 Arrival at Kerkini Lake

11:30 Visit at Information Center

12:00 Boat trip

14:30 Light lunch

20:00 Return at the city

*indicative schedule, subject to changes according to season and wish list

all year round upon request

€320 for 1-2 persons / €450 for 3-6 persons

8-12 hours

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