Nestos Delta woodpecker paradise

Nestos Delta woodpecker paradise

Submerged abandoned poplar plantations and pristine riverine forests cover the Nestos Delta © μ2

With 8 out of 10 of Greece’s woodpecker species, the lowland part of the River Nestos is qualifying as one of the best woodpecker spotting places in Greece. A lush riverine forest covers extensively this very dynamic ecosystem, that runs for almost 28 klm from the Nestos gorge to the Thracian sea.

The area is part of a National Park and hosts the largest jackal population in the Balkans as well as two pristine patches of original riverine forest. Isolated patches of the original forest, before it was cleared out in the early ’50’s, are also found on the coastal area near the small town of Keramoti, where one can admire the grandeur of the rare
Grayish oak (Quercus pedunculiflora)

Eurasian Jackal Canis aureus (C) P. Vafeidis

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